Friday, September 21, 2007

09/21/07 - Countdown...

42 days until the Knicks' first regual season game...

Almost time to be back...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Alright, so the draft is tomorrow, and I'm sure that anyone that reads this blog realizes that...well wait, no one probably reads this blog anymore haha.

Anyway, I'm sure everyone knows the draft scenarios at this point, but I'm going to put up my Draft Board tonight for the Knicks. Now, these are the players I feel like we have a realistic chance of grabbing at the #23 spot. Let me start by saying I am NOT putting Sean Williams on my board because I don't even think we should bother with that waste of life. Odds are Isiah drafts him if he's there, and there's a chance he can produce...but I'm not even putting that joker on my board due to his off the court issues. So here we go, my draft board:

Marco Belinelli - SG - Italy: I love this kid. Check out some of his YouTube vids, you'll love him too. You'll see the trend that is developing for me with my next few picks, but I think we need to grab a shooting SG that has a high basketball IQ. His stock has been rising, so he might not even be there for us.

Daequan Cook - SG - Ohio St. : Taking a risk here. An immense talent that probably left OSU because Oden and Conley are taking off. Definitely won't do anything right away, but could pay off big time down the road.

Wilson Chandler - SF - DePaul: Could end up filling in the SG position...intriguing talent for sure. Still very young, and has a huge upside. His stock has risen big time over the past week. I'm just not sure if we need another athletic/rebounding forward on this team a la Lee/Balkman. I think this is the man we will end up taking though, as reports have said Isiah is basically in love with the dude.

Morris Almond - SG - Rice: For the last couple months this seemed like the no brainer for the Knicks. Lights out shooter, really reminds me of a young Allan Houston. Seems like the shooter we need, but his stock has dropped big time lately. I would still be satisfied with Almond...he may just be the missing piece.

Kobe Bryant - SG - LA Lakers: Oh wait...Who could happen, and if it does, who cares about the draft. But if the Knicks pick up one free agent this year it'll probably be Rashard Lewis, albeit giving him way too much money.

Hey, the draft should be interesting. I bet Isiah takes Sean Williams, even though we definitely don't need another forward, especially with all the other talent on the board, and considering the man is a criminal. WE NEED A SHOOTER!!!!

Anyway, first post in a while. But GOOD NEWS --- After the draft tomorrow...the offseason will be in official full swing, and there will be more posts - probably a few a week. ALSO, I'm adding two new members to the staff this coming season, but you won't see them till the fall (unless they get ambitious, ahem...guys...) until then...welcome back and...


Thursday, April 5, 2007

4/5 - Stick a fork in it...

What a joke. The Knicks have officially proved they are worse than the Sixers. After Marbury was HACKED and got no call at the end of last night's game, the Knicks dropped another game, now something like 2-10 since Isiah signed his extension!

I don't even know what to write about anymore, the season is pretty much over. The team doesn't care, and injuries have been too much. Each game is starting to play out like a broken record.

On another note, the Mets just swept the World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals in the opening series, out scoring them 20-2 in 3 games.

Can you tell what mode I'm in?

I'll be back soon, especially if the Knicks manage to win a game.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

4/3 - Lame Duck Knicks

Frustration has taken it's toll on New York Knicks fans. With the team 2 1/2 back in the loss column from the 8 spot, 2-8 in their last 10 games, and nine games remaining on the schedule, this team seems to have given up on the playoffs. Let's face it, injuries have taken too much away from the club, and giving Isiah an extension was premature. It seems as though the players were playing to get IT an extension, and once that goal was accomplished, they checked out for the rest of the season.

Like I mentioned before, 2-8 in their last 10 games. It is so cliche to look back and say "what if," but if they went 5-5, they would be sitting confortably in the 8th spot right now. New Jersey, Orlando, and Miami have all been playing .500 ball lately, and they are most likely on their way to the playoffs. To make up some ground, the Knicks would need to go at least 6-3 down the stretch, and rely on some help. This doesn't seem likely. The next 3 games (Philly and Minny at home, and then away at the Bucks) would be a good time to start winning.

What Could Have Been

Before James Dolan made the biggest bonehead move of the year in signing Isiah Thomas to an extension when his team didn't even possess a winning record, fans began to speculate who could come in to coach the team. The consensus seemed to be that the inflated egos on this team would not receive a coaching change very well (with Eddy Curry saying so himself), and that Thomas would seem to be the only choice.

The only other name that constantly came up was Billy Donovan, coach of the (as of last night) BACK TO BACK NATIONAL CHAMPION Florida Gators. Yes, a coach who knows how to win and has coached NBA players, especially with his current roster of possibly 4 first round draft picks. The only problem would be if Donovan would want to step into a mess like the Knicks. Sure, they have made progress over the past year, but it might be too much too fast for a first time NBA coach.

However, Donovan is a consummate professional and loves challenges. He obviously is a players' coach, since 4 potential first round draft picks decided to go back to school with the chance to repeat a championship. Not only did they have a stellar season, but Donovan coached them back to the title. But why New York? Donovan was born on Long Island. He learned basketball from coach Rick Pitino while attending Boston College, and then he was awarded with a one year deal from Pitino's new team, that's right, the NEW YORK KNICKS. Sure, he only played 44 games, eventually not performing well enough to last in the pros. Learning from Pitino, he eventually went on to coach Florida, completely rejuvinating the program. He even coached David Lee, and now 4 other players who will land somewhere in the NBA.

Perfect for New York, right? Well it's too late, the Knicks are stuck with Isiah at least through next season, barring some sort of disaster. No chance Dolan buys him out, he's too scared to run the organization himself, since he has layed everything on Thomas since day one. Personally, I would like to see Isiah hire Billy Donovan, and step back up to the front office. I know many people don't like some of his decisions from the GM position, but the man can draft, and he has brought some good talent in here. With a coach like Donovan to mold that talent, they would be set. Plus, Isiah has learned from his mistakes. Even he realizes that max contracts and trading away key draft picks are bad decisions.

It's all just a pipe dream though. If only we didn't have a coward as the owner of the Knicks, some prestige could have been brought back to the organization.

Friday, March 30, 2007

3/30 - So here we are...

I haven't been posting as frequently lately. Before getting back to business, I am going to attempt to make some excuses about this matter:
  • School is winding down. With the end of the semester in sight, I have been turning a good amount of focus to my classwork, and this has led to missing a couple games. It has been hard to manage my time between the two.
  • Playoffs seem out of the picture at this point. Call me a pessimist, but this team is too decimated by injury to limp into the playoffs. With the talent that was on the roster 3 weeks ago, I would have thought the Knicks could stick it out. Marbury has been carrying the team, but he is wearing down, just like half the team...more on this later.
  • NO ONE reads my blog. I know off hand of less than 10 CASUAL readers of my blog. I have attempted to register it with many sites, but it has been constantly denied. Why this happens, I am noot sure, but I have an idea. I don't have enough content on the site. I have attempted to reach out to other Knicks fans for help, but no one has seemed up to the task so far. I have a good system going here, with articles, links, and video. This summer I am looking to take the site even higher, hopefully with some help.

I said it once I will say it again, this is a young site with a lot of potential. Anyone that has clicked the link on the right to visit Matthew Cerrone's MetsBlog knows what I mean. Three years ago MetsBlog has a weaker interface than I currently have, but Matt brought on some good people to help him along, and now it is one of the top five baseball blogs on the internet. My goal is nothing less.


The New York Knicks have went 2-6 since giving Isiah Thomas a multi year extension. Yes, they are riding a nice win courtesy of the Cavs, but this team has been decimated by injury. A few key points:

- Crawford's absence has killed Eddy Curry. The man that had a knack for finding Eddy in the low post probably won't get a chance to hit the court again this year (barring an amazing playoff appearance. To make matters worse, Curry is beginning to feel the burn of a full, solid season. He isn't used to surviving this deep into the season with this many minutes each game. He is visibly tired and has been complaining about calls to try to get some help from the zebras. It's not going to happen. Curry has taken a huge step forward this season, but he still won't be treated like a veteran. I hate to look to next year, but hopefully he has learned some key lessons to go into a monster year next year. P.S. Eddy - Drop 15-20 more pounds again, don't be lazy and slack off in the offseason.

- Q-Rich won't play again this season. Normally this would be bad news, but it's not. Richardson's back has been a sore subject for all Knicks fans. He sits out games periodically, and when he is on the court, he can't post up due to soreness. Finally, the problem that has plagued him for 2+ years will be addressed. Hopefully Q can have his surgery, go through rehab, and come back next year 100%, with the same fire that he jumped out of the gate with this year.

- Steve Francis is a cancer. It's obvious he doesn't want to be here, so the countdown has begun to the offseason. Francis will most likely end up being the biggest embarassment of Isiah Thomas' time as Knicks GM (yes, more than Jerome James). He was brought it to appease Larry Brown at the trade deadline last year, but has only shown flashes of his All Star years. He has complained about playing time (obviously jealous of Marbury), and miraculously returned to play just two days after declaring he would miss the season about a month ago. The sad part is, the entire league knows he will be bought out, so the Knicks won't be able to get ANYTHING for him. Maybe Kevin McHale in Minnesota would bite on something, but he will most likely be bought out...a complete waste of a year and a half.

- You have been invited to Renaldo Balkman's coming out party. The Incredible Balk has been playing great lately in the absence of Q-Rich and David Lee. Hopefully he works on a jump shot this summer and then we'll talk. If you're like me, you tend to tune into some Knicks Summer League games in Vegas. It should be fun watching Balk lead the Knicks young guns (including Mardy Collins and new acquisition Randolph Morris, more later).

- Speaking of David Lee, the Knicks free spirit is still rocking the suit on the bench. How much do you miss him?

- Randolph Morris. Yeah, we signed him fresh off an NCAA Tourney loss. It'll be interesting to see if he gets any significant minutes for the rest of the season. He saw 7 mins. against the Cavs and hit a FT. I'm only going to view it as an early draft to me next season.

- Speaking of a Free Throw, can anyone on this team hit one?


After a nice win, the Knicks get rewarded tonight with a virtual automatic loss to the Dallas Mavericks. The only slight hope will be if Dirk's injured ankle slows him down. Speaking of ankles, Steve Francis is nursing an ankle injury as well, and most likely won't play tonight. You know what, he most likely won't play in a Knick uniform ever again. I can't even express how much of a disgrace he is. That leaves the guard rotation at Marbury, Robinson, and Collins. You will have to shield your eyes when Jared Jeffries is forced to play at the 2.

After tonight, next three games:




All winnable, all must win if we're serious about the playoffs.

We are 31-40, One and a half out of the 8 spot. It's now or never.

I'll be back soon, I promise (and by soon I mean Sunday/Monday)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

3/21 - No Big Surprise / Wed.'s Links

Well, no shocker last night as the Knicks fell to the Mavs. Bad play all around I thought. Curry's decent numbers don't reflect his terrible free throw shooting, and the whining he did up and down the court all night. Balkman had a decent game to follow up his stellar play on Sunday, but still showed Knick fans he has a lot to learn before he will become a legit player. Steve Francis was nowhere to be seen again, besides his bad passes and bad shots as usual.

If Crawford and Q are out, and Marbury is not shooting out of his mind, this team is going to fail. There isn't one shooter present on the court (okay, maybe Frye) who can knock down jumpers to stretch the defense. Why do you think Curry was harassed all night in the paint? The Mavs were playing off the perimeter and GIVING those shots to the Knicks. Look how many times Balkman had open shots...that's a smart team knowing who can and can't shoot. The Knicks have one of their infamous back-to-backs starting tomorrow with the Thurs/Fri matchups being the Blazers and the Cavs. I'm starting to get nervous. Can we say that this Blazers game is the 15th must win of the season so far? haha...

I need to study for a test tomorrow, so here's some links:


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

3/20 - Tuesday's Links

3/20 - VOD - Starbury as Stephen A. Smith

In case you haven't seen it yet, here is a clip from the end of Stephon Marbury's new talk show where he impersonates Stephen A. Smith. Smith was reportedly angry when he first heard about it, but later admitted it was funny when he finally got a look at it. I didn't realize Marbury had a funny side.

3/20 - Back for the home stretch

Well I'm here. I was on Spring Break last week and I worked a lot, which caused me to be away from my apartment and computer. I apologize to those who have come to support the site, and now I'm back.

With that said, what's been going on with the Knicks?

This team has continued their up and down ways, losing to the Raptors and the Hornets (pathetic), only to come back and beat the Raptors by 20 on Sunday afternoon. Now the best team in the NBA, the Dallas Mavericks, come into the Garden looking to avenge their humiliating loss to the Knicks last season. New York has improved since then, but so have the Mavs. So let's look ahead to the game that could turn out to be a real smackdown, with hopes that the Knicks have another miracle in store.

No D-Lee and no Q-Rich still. Q's back problems have become a real pain in the rear for Knicks fans lately. Not only have other teams figured out he can no longer post up like he used to, but his own team isn't even sure when he'll be able to play. On another note, I am really starting to miss David Lee. If it wasn't for Stephon Marbury stepping it up and putting this team on his back, the Knicks would be dead in the water without Lee's energy.

Steve Francis was starting to grow on me a bit, but then I remembered how much I despise him. Despite contributing some nice assists, Francis still makes decisions with the ball that make Jamal Crawford look like Steve Nash. Passing into traffic, jacking up bad jumpers, and whining on the court are just a few of the things I will not miss from Stevie after he is bought out in the offseason. Here's to hoping he can continue to at least do minimal things to help this team down the stretch.

My main man Balkman is coming off a sick 15 and 12 against Toronto, and his confidence continues to rise. I still remember draft day when every analyst called Isiah an idiot for drafting him. I bet every GM out there wishes they would have gave him a look. Balkman will be key tonight on the defensive end, hopefully shutting Josh Howard down. Big task for the rookie...

Speaking of defense, Jared Jeffries needs to have the game of his life tonight, most likely guarding Dirk Nowitzki. Jeffries has shown some nice snapshots of play on the defensive end, but he'll need to dig as deep as he can to at least hold Dirk under 20.

I'm not stressed out about tonight's game. I have forced myself to look at it like a loss, that way a win would be the most exciting thing ever, if that makes any sense. With that in mind, this is one game where I really miss Jamal Crawford. It's the type of showdown where you expect him to take bad shots, maybe go 6-18 from the field, only to hit the game winning jumper as the 4th quarter expires. Maybe Marbury can have this superstar type of game tonight.

The Knicks are only a half game out of the 8 spot, with positions 7-10 currently all separated by a half game or less. The upcoming six games are ugly:

Tonight vs. Dallas
Thursday vs. Portland
Friday @ Cleveland
Monday 26th vs. Orlando
Wednesday 28th vs. Cleveland
Friday 30th @ Dallas

With the exception of Portland, those are all quality teams. The Knicks are going to need to prove their talent in this stretch, or else they could easily go 1-5 in the next six. You have to figure they need to go .500 for the rest of the season to at least have a shot, so this could be the beginning of the end for this team. I sure hope not.

Have fun watching tonight, and I'll leave you with this unselfish quote from Renaldo Balkman, courtesy,

"I get the guys going and that's what I want to do," Balkman said. "I might go out there and get one rebound or I might not even score a basket."

Monday, March 12, 2007

3/12 - VOD - It's been a crazy year...

This highlight video of the top 10 buzzer beaters from this season really reminds me of how exciting of a season it has been. You never know what to expect when watching a game. (Some of these are just from the end of a quarter). Enjoy!

3/12 - Monday's Links

3/12 - The Isiah Era Will Continue

Various New York papers have reported this morning that James Dolan has given Isiah Thomas a multi-year extension to continue his stay as the Knicks coach and general manager. Dolan feels that the team has made enough progress to live up to his preseason ultimatum, and the Isiah Era will continue.

I feel that this is a good decision. Sure, Isiah has done some things to make Knicks fans cringe, but the team has made progress from last season. There is still a long way to go before I say he has done a good job, however. With the Knicks in the hunt for the playoffs, this decision should have been made after the season was over, especially with the Eastern Conference being as weak as it is.

In the same respect, there really are no other options. All the players on the team love and respect Thomas, and it is unknown what their reaction would be if he was not around next season. We all saw how Stephon Marbury reacted to Larry Brown's reign, who knows how he would deal with a new coach. Eddy Curry already stated that he would want to leave the team if Isiah was not back next year. I can't see any coach stepping in at this point and earning the team's respect. Isiah has built this team to what it is, and he will surely manage the situation until the final whistle.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

3/11 - Video of the Day

So here it is, Steve Francis hitting the game winning shot last night against the Wizards. We'll see how long this video stays up before the NBA gets to it. Hopefully they will post a version of their own (a legal one).

3/11 - So, Steve Francis still plays basketball?

Just when most NBA fans forgot that Steve Francis still played in the league, he hit a three pointer at the buzzer to propel the Knicks over the Wizards; a game that was played in Washington, one of the hardest places to win in the NBA.

I'm not going to write too much about this today, but there are a few things that have been bothering me. For one thing, if Francis misses that shot, that is an embarassing loss. The Knicks were missing free throws down the stretch AGAIN! As some of you may know, this really bothers me since I feel there is no excuse for a professional basketball player to shoot below 80% from the line.

Also, good for you Stevie, but chill out. His celebration after the shot was uncalled for. He jumped on the scorers' table and folded his arms like he just hit a shot to win the NBA Championship. Dear Steve, this shot was the first positive thing you have done for the Knicks since coming here a little over a year ago. Don't let it go to your head. There's a long way to go here, which brings me to my next point.

At printing time, the Knicks are currently tied for the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference!!! I really think this win could be the one to bring this team to the next level. We have two games against Toronto coming up soon, and I want to win both! It would be a huge statement to take down the Atlantic Division leaders TWICE towards the end of the season. This team might actually begin to look legit.

Sorry this was an all around terrible posting with basically no structure, but it's the weekend. I'll be back tomorrow with some new stuff. Now get back to the tv and wait for those NCAA brackets to come out. P.S. - I'm picking Texas...shhhh....

Thursday, March 8, 2007

3/8 - Thursday's Links

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

3/7 - A few late tidbits of info:

Over at Knick Knacks tonight, Mike Dougherty has some thoughts and observations going into Saturday's game. You can click the link to read the whole post, but among other things he says:
  • The Knicks paired off in the beginning of practice today to work on free throw shooting. The players have come up with a game to go along with it, similar to golf. I hope this isn't a similar tactic to Isiah's slam dunk contest he has in practice sometimes. It will be a waste of time if the players don't take it seriously.
  • Looks like David Lee might miss ANOTHER game! He left practice early today as well.
  • Nate Robinson has returned to the team after the passing of his stomach ailment. He is noticeably lighter and looking to get his diet back on track. No word on whether or not he'll be ready for the Wizards.
  • Stephon Marbury would really enjoy some help from his teammates, as he admits he is feeling a bit tired from carrying the offensive load.

3/7 - Wednesday's Links

3/7 - Video of the Day

I decided to start featuring a video every once in a while courtesy of YouTube. It could be a blast from the past, or something current.

Today we look back to last year, and revisit Nate Robinson's legendary block on Yao Ming:

3/7 - How Ironic...

With less to a second to go against the Seattle Sonics last night, the Knicks were down by 2. Stephon Marbury, already with 39 pts, was at the line for two FTs that would tie the game. The only player who showed any signs of life last night made the first, and missed the second. Final Score 100-99, Sonics.

What can you say to that? Marbury has been playing out of his mind in the past few weeks, he even hit 8 three's in this game. You can't blame him for going to the line and missing ONE FREE THROW that would have tied it. If anything, it represents how the entire Knicks season has went. It all comes down to Marbury. The guy that got you to this position in the game is expected to seal the deal (or at least send it into overtime), and he can't. How Ironic...

If you were the type of person who was looking to place the blame on someone, you could start with Jared Jeffries, who went 0-4 from the line. There's 4 points. While we're at it, you might as well fault the whole team performance from the line, going a horrendous 24-38. The Sonics only made it to the line 10 times, but they made 9 of them. It's simple basketball right there. Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, and Earl Watson did most of the damage for the Sonics, even taking shots on a prayer that were well defended at times.

I'm not going to say "this is the end of the season" again. We should know by now that this kind of crap is just going to continue. The Knicks are now 10th in the East, one game out of 8th. Indiana continues to collapse at 7th, and Orlando seems likely to fall out of the 8 spot. New Jersey is the wild card at the 9 spot, but they don't seem like they want to live up to the talent on their team. David Lee (and hopefully Nate Robinson) will be back this Saturday to travel to Washington to take on Agent Zero and the Wizards. After beating a few bottom-feeding teams, and losing to a few as well, it's a real test for the Knicks. I don't feel very good about the game.

The good thing about Lee coming back is that Channing Frye's minutes will be limited once again. I can't express how frustrated I am watching this joker on the court. All he does is take those damn 18-footers, and even when he could dribble up a few feet because he is open, he refuses to! His defense is pathetic, he is always a step behind, and he is soft. If you look at our top pick the past two years, Balkman is so much more intriguing than Frye. It seems as though Frye has hit his ceiling, while Balkman continues to impress every game. His defense has been stellar, and he is slowly integrating himself into the offense. Hopefully he can go into the gym this summer and shoot 1,000 jump shots a day. He'd become deadly.

You have to give a guy like Malik Rose credit. He has been such a quiet yet important part to this team all year. His energy and defense off the bench last night really helped spark a comeback. I'd like to see some of Frye and Jeffries minutes go to him.

The Garden won't be quiet even though the Knicks won't be there for a while. The Big East Tourney starts today...GO 'CUSE!!!


Monday, March 5, 2007

3/5 - Monday's Links

Sunday, March 4, 2007

3/4 - Wait, they won a back-to-back?

How amazing is Stephon Marbury? I didn't get a chance to watch the Knicks down the Atlanta Hawks last night since I was working, but I caught the highlights. It is so inspiring how he is carrying this team on his back right now. The guy just refuses to lose, I think he's getting tired of it. His points keep going up, and every time I think he's going to slow down, he pushes himself even further. I am completely baffled over how he is shooting lights out from three point range as well.

When we, as fans, looks back at this season in a few years, regardless of wins and losses, we will be able to pinpoint it as the season Starbury grew up. For most of the season, he sat in the back seat and let Eddy Curry take the wheel. Instead of being selfish, it was his goal to push him every night, force him to play to his ability. All the while, he went around telling anyone that would listen that Curry deserved to be an All-Star. He realized that the only way this team was going to ge successful was to feed the big man the ball.

The results were mixed. Curry was having a phenominal season (and this blogger will tell you that yes, it was deserving of an All-Star appearance), but the Knicks were missing that extra piece. A player who you could count on night in and night out. A player kind of like...oh wait...Stephon Marbury was still on this team! When Jamal Crawford went down, it was his time to shine. Crawford was always there to take the big shot, and Marbury never complained that Isiah wasn't calling on him to take it. With JC out for the season, Steph has answered the call.

He keeps draining big threes and cutting to the basket like he's 25 again. (He just turned 30). All of the sudden, the Knicks are one game out of the #8 spot currently being occupied by those pesky New Jersey Swamp Rats, and the roller coaster ride that is this season continues.

I feel like I've posted 5 "The Season is Over" posts and another 5 "Knicks poised for Playoffs" type posts. I also feel like the Knicks (at 28-33) have been five games under .500 all season. At this point we should be accepting nothing less than winning 2 out of every 3 games and hoping the Nets, Heat, or Pacers fall down. So here's a look at the next 4 games:

This Tuesday, vs. Sonics in the Garden:
Another one of those "They'd better win this if they're serious about the playoffs" games. But we all saw what happened to the earlier ones against Philly and Boston. All I can say is, they'd better get this one. Ray Allen is always dangerous in the Garden, watch out.

This Saturday, @ Washington Wizards:
Not good. The Wizards are one of the top teams in the East, it will be a tough game to pull out. I'm predicting loss here.

NEXT Wednesday the 14th @ Toronto Raptors:
Double Ouch. The surprise Atlantic Divison leaders have been playing well under the radar all year. It would turn some heads if the Knicks could take them down. For some reason I feel good about this game. I'm going win, but don't ask me why...

NEXT Friday the 16th, vs. Hornets in the Garden:
Solid Western Conference team. I'm gonna be a homer though and say win because the Knicks have been lights out in the Garden lately.

So if the Knicks can go 3-1 over this stretch, we're looking at 31-34. It may seem like a lot to ask, but this team is going to get David Lee and Nate Robinson back. No excuses this time. By the way, if Steve Francis can play like he did last night, that would probably help.

Sometimes we forget we have an All-Star like Stevie coming off the bench. Maybe he can finally get his ass in gear and contribute something to this team, because so far his career as a Knick has been pathetic. If the guy can find any ounce of pride in his 6'3, 210 lb. body, maybe we might actually have a shot here.

Fact of the day: First time Stephon Marbury and Steve Francis have both scored 20+ in the same game since being with the Knicks. That's a full year folks.

See you after the game on Tuesday to weite my next "Season is Over" article. Just Kidding.
I'll be back tomorrow with some links. Sorry about the slow weekend again. I'm still looking for some help if anyone is interested.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

3/1 - Not Lookin too Hot...

Life without Crawford doesn't look like it's going to be easy. After going down by as many as 23, the Knicks led by one in the 4th, only to lose to the worst team in the league, the Boston Celtics. Granted, the Knicks were playing without Steve Francis, David Lee, and Nate Robinson (all expected to play tomorrow) but still, it's the Celtics.

Stephon Marbury continued his stellar play as of late, but no one else on this team seems to be playing anymore. Eddy Curry was shown up by young Al Jefferson, who schooled the Knicks up and down the court. Mardy Collins saw extended time due to the injuries, but did little to help the team.

There's not much else to say at this point. Reportedly Marbury openly wept when Jamal Crawford told him he would be out for the year. You have to feel for a guy like Marbury, who has matured so much in the past year. This team looks like they have given up, and playoffs are now a pipe dream.

I don't see any reason they can make a run and sneak into the playoffs right now. Yes, Jared Jeffries is starting to show signs of life, but it doesn't matter. Anyone who thought this team would be okay without JC was just being stupid. The only person who could possibly take his place scoring wise is Quentin Richardson, and he seems uninspired. Sure, he's putting up points, but he needs to carry the team, and I just don't see that happening. He is playing lazy on defense again, and settling for the three ball.

Channing Frye is another name that I bring up on a daily basis. GO TO THE BASKET!!! He is too slow and too dumb to get any sort of rhythm going's pathetic. I won't even talk about the horrendous defense he played last night.

The only way the Knicks will win down the stretch is if Eddy Curry dominates every single game. He had an off night last night, and you saw what happened. My mentality towards games is changing for the rest of the year. Instead of watching and rooting for a team pushing for the playoffs, I'm going to be watching the Knicks just for recreation.

It's just sad that it's almost time to look towards the offseason again. Another year wasted. Thank you Isiah Thomas, see you next year since this team's owner refuses to let you go.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2/28 - Wednesday's Links

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Yeah, that's right. Jamal Crawford's ankle has been giving him problems now for "about 2 weeks" he says. Doctors say it will require season-ending surgery. JC is going for a second opinion to see if he can avoid surgery, choosing rehab instead. In this case, he could be back 4-6 weeks, maybe until the playoffs (if that is reality for the Knicks).

Well folks, there's not much to say here. You lose your second leading scorer on the team, and a guy that can hit big shots for you. Someone needs to take over that role, but who would be the answer?

Nate Robinson will probably be the player that benefits the most in terms of playing time. Surely he will take senseless jump shots just like Crawford would. Isiah Thomas is fine with this. He has always allowed players to take bad shots, as long as they make them every once in a while. The question is if they will be making them. Crawford had a knack for it, but will Nate? He needs to grow up pretty fast and start contributing to this team.

Relando Balkman will probably also benefit. With more playing time going around (38 mins a game to be exact), Balk will have a chance to show his skills, especially the always helpful, rebounding the basketball.

Which leads to an idea. With Marbury beginning to shine, a quick Nate Robinson off the bench, and a high flyer like Balkman, the Knicks may finally be able to play some "run-and-gun." If we can find Balkman running fast on the break, look for some easier points. Curry will have to continue to be a monster.

It should be interesting, the first test being tomorrow in Boston. Hopefully it is a good rehearsal/warm up game to adjust to "life without Crawford."

2/27 - Tuesday's Links

2/27 - Knicks need to string some together

Well, since my last post the Knicks lost to the Nets in a game where they were winning at the half (depressing), and they beat the Heat last night in what was an all around good victory. With Boston and Golden State coming up, it's time to buckle down and win a few in a row here.

How 'bout Starbury last night? Hitting big threes and refusing to lose? Looks like the Marbury of old may be back. As I wrote in a previous article here, he has to start realizing that this team is his last chance to write his legacy. I'm sure all the attention on David Lee has affected Steph's ego a little bit. It was only a matter of time before the opportunity arose for him to take over a game. Who knew it would result in 18 4th quarter points.

Jared Jeffries has been more active as of late. It started in the Nets game, where his defensive effort kept the Knicks in the game late, but it was over at that point. I think he has finally realized his role on this team. Eddy Curry is busting right through the ceiling that some people have given him as a player. His rebounding and defense have improved, and he is really becoming an all around great center.

Sidenote: regardless of the Celtics game tomorrow, February 2007 will be the New York Knicks first winning month since December 2004.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

2/24 - A Win is a Win

It may not have been pretty, but the Knicks edged out the Bucks last night in a close one. Channing Frye made himself useful by hitting two free throws with .8 sec left to seal a win. Eddy Curry was held to 10 points thanks to some great ball denial played by Milwaukee.

I'm not really able to write a full post right now, I'm in between two shifts of a long day of work. Weekends are kind of a tough time to keep the site updated, which is why I've been thinking about bringing someone else on to contribute to the site. If you're interested, drop me an e-mail at Put "Live from the Garden" in the subject line, and tell me a bit about yourself. I'm looking for one or two people that know how to write (meaning no silly grammar errors), and love the Knicks. I only ask maybe two or three posts a week, especially on the weekend to pick up my slack. I'm currently looking to add this blog to a few other networks to generate some more hits, so the future looks bright. This is a young site, and I would love to work with someone who shares the same passion for the team as I do. Drop me a line.

Anyway, the Knicks take on the Nets tomorrow, and as we know, every game is important at this point. It would be nice to move to 26-31, but a loss still doesn't kill the season. This team really got lucky when D-Wade went down, but now they need to take the opportunity to make up some lost ground. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon with some links and hopefully a fresh new article. Stay tuned, and remember, drop me a line at my e-mail, or even in the comments after this post if you're interested in joining the team!

Friday, February 23, 2007

2/23 - Friday's Links

Here's an awesome highlight video urging a playoff push. It includes highlights from all the best games of the season, plus David Lee and Nate Robinson's All-Star weekend. (hopefully it doesn't get taken down):

Thursday, February 22, 2007

2/22 - The X-Factor

With D-Wade going down until who knows when, and the Magic performing sub-par as of late, the Knicks are still sitting in the 10 spot in the East looking up with a slim chance of sneaking into the playoffs. Yes, I know I'm being unrealistic, after all, this team is 24-31 and showing no signs of a fire that will lead a march down the stretch. However, as long as there is a slim chance, it's my job to speculate about it.

So with 27 games remaining (including a should-be win tomorrow with the Bucks at the Garden), someone needs to step up on this team. Marbury has been performing good enough to know his role: get the ball to Curry, take your shots when necessary. Curry, I don't even need to talk about, he's our stud. David Lee will do what he does best down the stretch. Q-Rich has probably been our best two way player: consistent on offense, solid on defense, but his knees are a big question mark. Crawford, well, he's JC...who knows what you'll get each night.

So now I present to you, our top three candidates for the X-Factor, someone who can step up and sneak this team into the playoffs:

3. Renaldo Balkman. I know it sounds ridiculous to throw someone on this list who doesn't even play a single minute for some games, but this kid has proved himself on the court. He plays hard on the defensive end, and is always looking to create on offense. Look at last night's game in Philly: after he almost single handedly led the team back into the game, he walked off the floor clapping and urging the team to get their act together. This is a ROOKIE we're talking about. As much as the Incredible Balk was criticized on draft day, he has a bright future with this team. He has fire, and Isiah should see this. Even 15-20 mins a game could make him the new David Lee. Bring it.

2. Channing Frye. So my current most-hated player on the Knicks survived the trade deadline. After a superb rookie season (even being considered in Rook of the year talk before he was hurt), Frye has done NOTHING to improve his game this year. If the kid would develop a hook shot off of a two step move from the baseline, he would be unstoppable. But we know it won't happen. To be effective, he needs to play defense. He can't guard any player that is his own size because his is SOFT. Get him in the gym and have Mark Aguirre hit him with those pads, slap him around a little bit. Do you think Eddy Curry's improvement came out of nowhere? Hell no! Aguirre knows how to make people into a low post player, he even helped Mike Sweetney out, who hasn't done anything since leaving NY. If Frye can just average around 16 and 7, and play decent defense, it would help the team in a big way.

1. STEVIE "THE FRANCHISE" FRANCIS. Sometimes I forget Stevie is on this team. I mean, were talking about a former all-star here. He seems to be healthy now, but all he contributes is turnovers and bad jumpers. I just don't get it. What happened to the dude? I truly think he has lost his competitive edge, his ability to take over a game. Some people thought that Francis might even push Marbury out of New York once he got here. Well it's obvious Steph has been putting in the work, Francis hasn't. He's coming off the bench for God's sake, and barely playing! He needs to stop being a wuss and drive the lane, get to the line. That's what he made a career out of. If Francis can suddenly come alive and have a good streak of games, who knows what could be possible.

- Honorable Mention: Nate Robinson. If Nate took some time away from rehearsing his big dunk for the dunk contest next year, he might also be able to contribute something to this team. He showed last year that he can take over a game, but most of the time it's during a game that becomes a loss. He needs to consistently hit threes, and if that happens, the Knicks have the shooter they need.

Will any of these things happen? Probably not. The useless Jerome James and Jared Jefferies will take minutes from Balkman, Frye will continue to shoot 18 footers, and Francis will likely fake an injury and head back to Houston for rehab. I'm simply giving you a "what if." By the way, if I'm starting to get negative on this site, I apologize, I'm just being honest.

See you tomorrow with some links and a brand spankin new article...I DON'T LET YOU DOWN. Tell your friends...fresh takes, every day, here at "Live! From the Garden"

2/22 - Most Boring Deadline Ever

Well, it's a little after 3pm, and although some deals take some time to make their way out, it appears that this has been the most boring NBA trade deadline ever. With big names like Vince Carter, Jason Kidd, Mike Bibby, Ron Artest, and Lamar Odom floating around, not one team could make a blockbuster deal. I guess we have to keep in mind the Iverson deal that happened earlier this season, one of the bigger mid-season deals the NBA has seen. Still, for all the hype, especially the Kidd to LA hype, what a disappointment.

I'm even more disappointed that Isiah Thomas didn't do anything. I originally wanted him to keep the team intact, but after some of these big names made their way out, I wanted him to pull the trigger. Vince Carter was out there, and Isiah didn't make a play. While he was on Stephen A. Smith's show, you could clearly hear his phone ringing off the hook in the background. I hope that his obsession with Jamal Crawford was not a reason that deal wasn't made. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume the Nets wanted David Lee.

I'm more surprised that Jason Kidd isn't a Laker. LA was reportedly offering players, cash, and TWO FIRST ROUND PICKS. Why GM Rod Thorn would disagree to that is beyond me. Kidd is old, and getting a return like that would really go a long way in rebuilding a team.

So now what? Isiah has built this entire team himself and has been forced to coach them. There wasn't even an indication that he was accepting offers at the deadline. This team isn't winning now, and I don't see them winning in the future without a couple more pieces. So why hold on to a guy like Channing Frye, who serves no purpose on this team and doesn't even fit into the offense? Remember last year when reports said we could have included Frye in a deal for Lamar Odom or Kevin Garnett? Remember that Isiah and many of us fans shot it down and said Frye's upside was too high? That makes me laugh my ass off now. The guy has actually REGRESSED as a player, it's pathetic. He is so soft it is unbelievable.

Last night Frye had a chance to make an impact, filling in for David Lee, who was out with the flu. How does he respond? 20 mins, 4 pts, 4 rebs. Horrendous. I thought for sure we'd drop his ass today, he is completely useless. It makes me sick how high his value was at this time last year, and we didn't do anything.

There's only one solution that explains all of this. Owner James Dolan must realize there is nothing else to do right now except let contracts expire, draft young players, and wait for big time free agents. Today really cleared this up in my head. As angry as I am that the Knicks didn't make a splash, I see the logic. Isiah is here to stay, Dolan wants him here to see us through this mess. He has a chance to dig himself out, especially since the last three years have been one big mistake. It's like the team is starting over again. It just kills me that so many years have already been wasted, and next season is probably a bust as well.

Right now it's all about waiting I guess. One some salary is freed up, New York will be able to attract big time free agents to come to the Garden again. For now the fans need to deal with this below average squad full of underachievers, who will fight the rest of the season to get that 8 spot, probably only to stumble, fall short, and get a pat on the back from Isiah: "At least you tried, we'll get em next time."

I'm gonna go puke.

2/22 - Trade Day Continues

It's a little after 1pm here on the east coast, and so far we have had two deals in the NBA:

The Hawks have acquired Anthony Johnson from the Mavs for a second round pick

And Portland has acquired Fred Jones from Toronto for Juan Dixon

So as you can see, no blockbusters yet. The Vince Carter to New York rumors are still flying around today, but it's likely nothing big will go down there. However, a new rumor of Channing Frye going to the Lakers for Lamar Odom has come up. The Lakers are desperate to get Jason Kidd, and would use Frye in a deal to obtain him. I'm not sure how serious this is, because if NJ wants Frye, why wouldn't they just deal with us straight up? BRING US CARTER!!!

I'm going out to take care of some errands, I should be back right around the deadline. Keep in mind some deals don't make their way out until around 4pm due to official business done right at 3pm. Be back with more.

Another thing to note: Isiah Thomas is scheduled to appear on Stephen A. Smith's radio show around 1:30pm, so obviously he is not working the phones too hard. Looks like this almost kills a chance of a deal somewhere.


Yes, it's like Christmas for some of us basketball fans. Every year the trade deadline rolls around, we expect a blockbuster deal to change the landscape of the NBA. Last year, the Steve Francis deal happened the day before, and the only deal to go down on deadline day was a swap that involved Earl Watson.

Here's hoping something big happens today. It seems like a name somes out of nowhere involving the Knicks every year, like Kevin Garnett last year. This year it's Vince Carter. Rumor has it a couple GM's around the league reported talks between the Nets and Knicks. The only problem is that every team wants David Lee, and Isiah doesn't want to part with him.

I'll keep it short for now. It's about 10am here right now, I'll be back if anything happens in the next 5 hours. I have to write a paper today, so I'll be at the computer all day anyway.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

2/21 - The Season is Over...

Yeah, it's not officially over, but after a disgusting loss to the bottom-feeding Philadelphia 76ers, this team doesn't seem prepared to improve. David Lee was out of the lineup with the flu, and the Knicks couldn't find anyone else to take his place. Crawford was horrendous, and I forgot Channing Frye was in the building for most of the game.

Mike Breen interviewed Isiah Thomas before the game, who again echoed his own statement of no trades. He claims he is happy with the group he has, and that they are playoff ready. I don't know how you could be happy with a player like Channing Frye (drafted two years ago #8) who has regressed in improving as a player, and for some reason only knows how to shoot 18 foot jump shots. How can you be happy with a guy like Jared Jefferies, who you touted as a defensive force, who does absolutely nothing to help the team. He killed the late momentum by the Knicks when he committed a charge on one end, only to follow it up with a foolish foul at the other end.

Again, a three-point shooter lit up the Knicks, as Kyle Korver basically did whatever he wanted on the court thanks to Jamal Crawford's lack luster defense. Eddy Curry had a good game as usual, but didn't get any help. One bright spot was the rookies Renaldo Balkman and Mardy Collins working well on the court together, especially Balkman, who seemed to be the only player on the court who wanted to turn their late run into a win.

So after dropping to 24-31 tonight, is Isiah still content with this team? Steve Francis barely played tonight, get rid of him. Some foolish GM will probably bite on a former all-star who contributes nothing on the court besides turnovers and bad jump shots. What about Channing Frye? He is a one dimensional player who hasn't shown any desire to refine his game. I'm sure some team out there thinks they can turn him into a low post monster. They don't know the truth, he is SOFT. It's pathetic. We have David Lee, there's no need for some dainty loser who seems lost in the low post.

To me, it seems as though the simple answer would be to drop the coach himself. Isiah has babied his players all year, patting them on the back after a loss with a "we'll get 'em next time" mentality. Well there is no next time when you can't manage to beat a team like Philly, who has nothing, absolutely nothing, to play for the remainder of the season.

The sad truth is that Isiah will be the last one out. Owner James Dolan is scared to make a move, so this team will be in his hands through the summer, and at least into next season. So now what will the coach/president do? Maybe the idea of a trade should be revisited. There are still a few things that can be done to have one last shot:

  1. Make a trade tomorrow. Something needs to be done to overshadow this embarassing loss. Move Channing Frye and/or Nate Robinson. Neither one of them fit into this team's rotation. Try to get a slashing forward or a pure shooter.

  2. Trade or buy out Steve Francis. Just get rid of him somehow. Trade him for an expiring contract and a second round pick. All he does is take away minutes from other players and make foolish decisions on the court. I'm sick of him pretending to want to be here, because he obviously doesn't, and I don't want him here either.

  3. Start David Lee. What else does the kid need to prove? He is pulling down double digit rebounds off the bench every damn night. His scoring has improved, and he knows what to do with the ball when he gets it. Pull your head out of your ass Isiah, no one cares about his so called energy off the bench, which leads me to my next point.

  4. With Frye gone and Lee starting, Balkman moves up into the rotation. He is slowly becoming the David Lee of last season, lifting this team up off the bench. He plays hard every time he is in the game, time to reward the guy with minutes and stop giving them to Jared Jefferies. Hopefully the trade acquisition is a scoring guard or forward to replace Francis, and now you have a solid rotation.

  5. Nine man rotation: Starting five: Marbury, Q-Rich (in his real position of SG), Rashard Lewis (example), Curry, and Lee. Off the bench we have Crawford (in the role that made him the MVP of the Knicks last year), Balkman, Jefferies, and Rose/James/Collins.

Of course none of these things will happen, Isiah will keep doing ridiculous things like starting Jerome James, and the Knicks will miss the playoffs again. There are less than 18 hours until the trade deadline. Please give me a reason to keep caring about this team.

Be back tomorrow. Sorry I forgot about the links today. Hopefully this rant will do for now.

Here's one link thanks to the only person who comments on my blog, simply known as "V". Jason Whitlock, also known as the fat guy who is on PTI sometimes, seems to have been one of the only people to trash this past All-Star Weekend. Check it out, and thanks to "V" for the link.

2/21 - So Far So Good...

After taking down the Magic last night in a sloppy game, the Knicks are one step closer to getting serious about this season. (24-30) Like I said earlier, three wins to start off this half would be a great boost. On another note, with 28 games remaining, the Knicks have now officially won more games than all of last season.

I read an article yesterday that quoted Isiah saying there is a "zero percent" chance of a trade happening in the next 2 days. Of course, this could all be some strategy to curb the media, but at this point it may seem legit. Isiah would like to prove that he can win with the same team Larry Brown had last year. When the whole team is healthy, as they are now, we have seen what they can do. At this point, a trade might only happen to dump a big contract, like Jeffries or James.

Speaking of trades, this Jason Kidd to the Lakers business could really benefit the Knicks. While we are looking up at the Nets from the 10th spot, it would be nice to have them eliminated by trading their floor general. They will be nothing without Kidd. Marcus Williams isn't ready, and even if they get Andrew Bynum in return, he's too young still to dominate. They may be deciding to look to the future, but their future still won't be as good without Kidd. Thank You in advance, Jersey.

Channing Frye really came through in the last minutes of the game last night. If the Knicks want to make this happen, he is one man that needs to be on his game. At first, I wanted to trade Channing. He seems to be the most tempting piece, and he really hasn't shown me any extreme improvement since last season. With the emergence of David Lee, Frye seems expendable. Now I am reconsidering a bit. With the talk of a trade, Frye seems to be playing a bit more agressive, putting in extra effort for rebounds and trying to do some damage in the low post as well. I really wish it was someone's job on the team to punch him in the face before every game, because he needs something to fire him up. I still think the kid has no drive, someone needs to light a fire under his ass.

Well, tonight's game is the second game of a back to back, which usually spells doom to this team. The one thing you can't forget is that it's against the Sixers. I won't deny Philly has talent, and Andre Miller has done a superb job running the floor with what he's been given. However, this is the type of team you HAVE to beat if you are serious about making a run. I still won't forget the fact that last year's atrocious Knicks somehow ran off a six game win streak. Anything's possible.

I've been getting excited about games again, and I'm already pumped for tonight. Hopefully this team won't let me down. I'll be back later today with some links.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

2/20 - Tuesday's Links

Okay, there we go. I'll see you after the game, be it tonight or tomorrow.

2/20 - The next 48 hours

With Thursday's 3pm Trade Deadline rapidly approaching, many are wondering if Isiah Thomas will pull the trigger on a deal. So called "inside information" floating around the web states that Isiah is not picking up the phone, just waiting for it to ring.

The way I see it, waiting for the phone to ring might not be such a bad thing. There have been some players on the Knicks that have not been utilized much this season, and a few other teams may find a role for him on their bench. Here's a look at some plausable scenarios that could occur in the next couple days:

- The hot rumor of the week, a deal with Seattle. "Reports" say the Knicks are looking to move Channing Frye and Seattle native Nate Robinson to the Sonics for Rashard Lewis. A few things are suspicious about this rumor. For one, both sides deny that a phone call has even been made. Another interesting note is that Seattle would be foolish to give up such an immense talent. We'll see what happens, but maybe a deal could be done instead to bring in Ray Allen instead, a New York favorite.

- Steve Francis and the Cavaliers. The Cavs are desperate to gain some help for LeBron to transform a playoff appearance into a playoff run. Francis would be just the type of veteran leader they could use, but it would probably cost them Drew Gooden, one of their top rebounders, and maybe Eric Snow.

- Malik Rose and just about everyone. It's been no secret that Rose has been fairly unhappy with his time in New York. He is the consummate professional, and would never admit this to the media, but the truth is he would rather play a bigger role on a team that has a chance at the playoffs. Bringing in another player could make him happy, but the Knicks don't care if he is happy. Pretty much every contending team has been rumored to seek his services, the latest being his old team, the San Antonio Spurs. Most of these rumors are just talk, however, as it has been unclear what San Antonio could offer in return.

One thing worth nothing is how these "trade rumors" come about. As I have scoured the internet for basketball news, I have read articles by major newspapers in many NBA cities. Most of these trade proposals start with a journalist writing, "Maybe the Knicks could look to move (insert Knick player here) to (insert NBA team here) for (insert player here), that would really help the Knicks make the playoffs." This system was followed to a tee in one of the articles I linked to yesterday when fabricating the rumor of the Rashard Lewis trade.

The truth is, no one really knows what is going to happen, unless a GM comes out and specifically targets a player. The Steve Francis trade came out of nowhere last year, maybe a similar one could occur this year.

Back later...maybe after tonight's game: MAGIC @ KNICKS, 7:30

Monday, February 19, 2007

2/19 - Today's Links

2/19 - All Star Break Ramblings

I wish I could start this off like plenty of other sports journalists on the web and in the papers by saying, "Let me tell you about my weekend in Las Vegas." Unfortunately, I wasn't invited to All-Star weekend, I was forced to witness the festivities from my living room. Although this weekend's events themselves missed out on a little bit of punch, I have to say that Vegas looked like a great time. As a matter of fact, would anyone be opposed to having the game there EVERY year?

It was great to see studios set up in from of casino fountains, and have live look ins to celebrity parties (by celebrities I mean TNT and occasional Knicks commentator, pompous ass Kenny "The Jet" Smith). I could have done without the Wayne Newton montage that started off the game though.

The weekend started off with a bang. New York's own David Lee scored the MVP of the Rookie/Sophmore game with 31 pts. and 11 rebs. I was talking with my brother on the phone who brought up an interesting point that went something like this: "Gee Chris, Chris Paul is making David Lee look like a beast. Stephon Marbury should take a page out of his book and figure out how to get Lee the ball more often."

Yeah, that sounds great and all, but guess what...everyone seems to forget about a little thing called defense for these three days every year. If you're the Knicks, you may forget about that pesky "D" word for an additional few days throughout the season as well. Regardless, D-Lee put on a spectacular show, he obviously went to Vegas to showcase his talents a bit.

The dunk contest was basically terrible this year. Nate Robinson got robbed of his crown by that Celtics scrub Gerald Green. I will say, Green's dunk from Paul Pierce off the side of the backboard was out of control, but his second round dunks really sucked. When he jumped over that kitchen counter or whatever that ridiculous box was on the court, I wasn't impressed. What a stupid prop to throw in for a dunk. Nate's first dunk was the best of the night I thought. He got it on the first try and he got UP! Too bad he had another "My legs are tired so this dunk will take 15 trys" dunk as his last, or else I thought he could have defended the title. Oh well Nate, you now have a full year to devote to strictly training for the dunk contest, because I'm sure you won't use that time for...oh, let's say...attempting to practice hard, become a true point guard, and contributing to the New York Knicks.

There's not much I can really say about the All-Star game itself. To be honest I didn't even watch the whole thing because it was a blowout early. I did love how Shaq missed about 3 EASY dunks in the first five minutes. I would have been interested to see how Eddy Curry matched up against him in an All-Star scenario. After help defense would be sliding over, E-City could go to town on that old man.

The Knicks play tomorrow (Tuesday) night at the Garden against the Orlando Magic. We can only hope that Dwight Howard is tired from this weekend in Vegas (oh wait, he is super religious and doesn't party...crap). Regardless, I'm sure D-Lee and Nate will come back a bit rejuvinated and ready to help boost this team into the second half. It would be nice if they could build on some momentum early, as we see ORL, PHI, and MIL before the weekend. Running off three wins and going to 26-30 would be nice.

I'm going to put up some daily links right now, and I'll be back tomorrow, either before or after the game.

Friday, February 16, 2007

2/16 - Today's Links

Alright, that's it for today. Hopefully my late night article on Marbury will be enough to wet your whistle for today. I'm headed out into the snow here in Buffalo to make my way home for the weekend. I'll be back probably Sunday/Monday for some thoughts on the All-Star weekend. I hope you all enjoy the game as well as the events. Don't forget to root for our boys David Lee and Nate Robinson. Oh, and what are the odds Eddy Curry pulls a Tonya Harding on Dwight Howard outside the arena?

Later folks.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

2/15 - Twilight of a Starbury?

A lot has been said of Stephon Marbury over his 10 plus seasons in the NBA: He is selfish. He doesn't show up some nights. He is uncoachable. This may be how many in the media write his legacy. One thing is for sure, Steph knows it's time to write his own legacy.

After coming home to New York about three years ago, Marbury has struggled to find his identity. The excitement that resonated throughout the Garden the first time he donned a Knick jersey lasted for a time, even into a brief (and by brief I mean swept in four games) playoff appearance. It seemed as though this thing might work. The former great PG, Isiah Thomas, would mentor the PG he traded for, obviously living vicariously through him. It didn't quite work out that way.

Marbury didn't care to listen to Lenny Wilkens (who would), and sure as hell didn't care to listen to Larry Brown. Brown came in with a "my road or the high road" mentality, and Marbury wouldn't take that philosophy in his house. The same house he dreamed of playing in one day as a kid. These were his streets, and the team would go as he would go.

That didn't work either. Brown and Marbury fought publically, and the Knicks went 23-59. So it was time for Isiah to step in, i mean, be forced to step in. Say what you will about Isiah, the man presents a calm on the bench. So far this year it hasn't worked very well, but the players trust him. His in-game decisions are usually questionable, even ridiculous at times, but the team has shown improvement, albeit still below their talent level.

The key to this rebuilding was supposed to be Stephon Marbury. Isiah evisioned him as his own second coming, 20 pt. 8 assist man who could lead the team deep into the playoffs. Countless excessive contracts and bad decisions hindered this for three years, possibly the late prime of Marbury's career. With these lost hopes in the past, we move to the present day.

Marbury has accepted a different role with this team. After being booed by the same crowd that watched him grow up at Lincoln High, Coney Island, Steph decided to rethink his game. What was the result? Eddy Curry. Marbury realizes E-City is his last chance to make a splash in the playoffs. He has said countless times he believes Curry is an All-Star, and praises his play after each game. Different attitude than the old Starbury, don't you think? He now looks to Curry in the low post, not caring about points, settling for 4 if it gives the team a win.

His knees are bad, his toes are crooked. He is an old man by NBA definition, but now it is the twilight of his career. After launching the "Starbury" brand, featuring ALL items under $15 (including the shoes he wears on court), he has been accepted into the hood again. His new mission is to show children it isn't all about money. Soon he will premiere his own interview style television show, discussing topics with NBA stars like Kobe Bryant.

These moves have led the city of New York to reach out to Marbury. They both feel the same pain, they have lived it together. Steph has overcome adversity his whole life, much like many New Yorkers. Now the fans are looking for one more flash of greatness. Can he lead this team back to the promised land, even if for a brief period? Time will tell. For now, instead of looking at the failures in Marbury's career, we should remember the great moments he has provided. For bringing that swagger back. Maybe he has a little bit of magic left in him.

I hope so, beacuse Steve Francis sure doesn't.

2/15/07 - Knicks Links from Cyberspace

Today's Links:

- David Waldstein at the Star-Ledger explores a Drew Gooden trade.

- Marc Berman at the NY Post looks back at Eddy's all-star snub, and is confused about Jerome James' starting role.

- More from Berman : did Phil Jackson have a chance to coach the Knicks?

- ESPN Game Recap from last night.

- writes a GREAT article looking back at the trade that brought Eddy Curry to the Knicks.

2/15/07- Into the break we go...

After going down by 31 points, and at one point in the 4th cutting the deficit to 9, the Knicks lost last night to the Warriors 101-120. It looked like the Knicks we got used to seeing earlier this year, going down big early and trying to crawl back in the late stages of the game. It was a game reminiscent of last season, with the Knick starters playing inadequate basketball, only to hand the blowout to Nate Robinson, who had 23 last night. Maybe he was trying to gain some attention for the event he's REALLY been practicing for, the Slam Dunk contest this weekend. I couldn't even believe he remembered how to play half court basketball, considering all I've heard about Nate lately has been his attention to the dunk contest, and a planned dunk involving David Lee. Maybe if he focused more on practice and team basketball, he would get more playing time to show off his talents.

Steve Francis really crapped the bed last night. In a game where Marbury was worn out from the emotional one-point win vs. LA last night and nursing an injured foot, Francis seemed to be lost. I was shocked to look at the box score and see he led the team with 9 assists, however he did have 4 turnovers and just 2 points. The best free throw shooter in the NBA didn't make any effort to get to the line either, a tactic that could have slowed down Golden State's run-and-gun offense. Instead, Stevie settled for bad jump shots and careless passes.

One plus from the loss was seeing Renaldo Balkman get some quality minutes (25 to be exact), putting in13 points, 7 boards, and 4 steals. Nice...maybe Isiah will finally see that his energy leads to team success. His defense played a key role in the attempted comeback.

Stephn Jackson decided to play tonight, and contributed 36 for the Warriors. On another note, Monta Ellis is a baller. Clyde mentioned on the broadcast that he reminded him of a young Marbury. He can penetrate and score, and his dishing is coming around. Impressive showing from the second year man out of high school. He's only 21 and is sure to be the Warriors PG of the future.

So what is the status of the Knicks going into the All-Star Break?

At 23-29, the team still needs to look towards the positive. Miami is holding the 8 spot at 26-26, but they are sure to move up. You have to look at teams like Orlando (27-26) and and Chicago (29-25) as teams that might strugle down the stretch. It won't be easy though. The Knicks need a couple 4 or 5 game win streaks to make up some lost ground in the second half.
The trade deadline is one week from today. Will the Knicks make a move? The consensus around the league is no, but then again Steve Francis surprised us all last year. The only names I've heard circulating are Drew Gooden (highest possibility), Ray Allen, and Ruben Patterson. All of these deals would likely involve Channing Frye, and Isiah has said he is happy with the team right now. With this in mind, the possibility of a trade seems doubtful.

I honestly don't see this team making the playoffs right now. Every time they raise some eyebrows around the league with a big win, they follow it with a disappointing loss. Barring a HUGE move on the tradefront to acquire a scoring, rebounding forward (ahem, Kevin Garnett), this team is looking at .500 ball the rest of the year and missing the playoffs. Yes, the schedule does get easier the second half, but as the Knicks get better, so do other teams. They aren't the only ones trying to make a playoff push you know. 29 other teams will be looking for wins, even scrub teams that would love to put a stop to a New York team's efforts.

Well, enjoy the break, I'm looking forward to the game. I'm sure I'll catch Nate's try at defending his dunk title, but I doubt he'll win this year after Iguodala's screw job last year. Plus, Kobe is a judge, and everyone hates Nate now. I'll be back with more posts, and I'm also going to start putting up link posts to Knicks stories for the day in an effort to get increased attention to the site. Wishful thinking, I know.

2/14/07 - Playoff Push?

I know it's been a while since I put something up here. I was busy working over winter break, and I'm just now getting settled into my school schedule (as a matter of fact, this post is therapy away from a long day of studying today). BUT, I'm back now. Over time time I've been away, the Knicks have been playing slightly better ball, and slowly climbing the ladder, even of going back down a couple rungs every few games. Now that the All-Star break is coming this weekend, it's time to get serious. The Knicks face the Golden State Warriors tonight, looking to go into the break at 24-29, a confidence boost that might help make a serious run towards the playoffs for those bottom two spots.

The entire team is healthy now, for actually the first time ALL SEASON.
Steve Francis seems to be silencing his critics as he tries to slowly ease into his old ways....Eddy Curry. Enough Said...

Jamal Crawford is spotty.....Marbury surprises you at times, bringing back memories of his Brooklyn style ball.
Basically, it's the same rollercoaster we've been used to all season. However, there has been a slightly better effort on the defensive end (there's still a long way to go) and Marbury is beginning to learn that Eddy Curry is the only chance to spark a career revival. I love Steph as much as the next guy, but he's losing a step. His ability to take over a game is gone, and he knows that. It is time for him to get his teammates involved, and just run the offense. This is a role he is slowly coming to accept.

To compensate for his offensive shortcomings, Marbury has upped his effort on defense. Last night against the Lakers, Marbury did an outstanding job in key moments of the game, playing ball denial on both Lamar Odom and Kobe Bryant on separate occasions. Of course Kobe got his points, but he never took over the game. He didn't even get a chance to take the last shot.

The Knicks should look at TONIGHT'S GAME as a MUST WIN. the momentum of winning 4 of your last 5 before the break would really carry over to the second half. Maybe this team has finally found his identity, even if it took team owner James Dolan telling the team Isiah Thomas' job was safe. At this point, he might be the only man to lead the way. He dug the hole, he might as well help build the ladder to climb out.

Back soon...


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