Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Yeah, that's right. Jamal Crawford's ankle has been giving him problems now for "about 2 weeks" he says. Doctors say it will require season-ending surgery. JC is going for a second opinion to see if he can avoid surgery, choosing rehab instead. In this case, he could be back 4-6 weeks, maybe until the playoffs (if that is reality for the Knicks).

Well folks, there's not much to say here. You lose your second leading scorer on the team, and a guy that can hit big shots for you. Someone needs to take over that role, but who would be the answer?

Nate Robinson will probably be the player that benefits the most in terms of playing time. Surely he will take senseless jump shots just like Crawford would. Isiah Thomas is fine with this. He has always allowed players to take bad shots, as long as they make them every once in a while. The question is if they will be making them. Crawford had a knack for it, but will Nate? He needs to grow up pretty fast and start contributing to this team.

Relando Balkman will probably also benefit. With more playing time going around (38 mins a game to be exact), Balk will have a chance to show his skills, especially the always helpful, rebounding the basketball.

Which leads to an idea. With Marbury beginning to shine, a quick Nate Robinson off the bench, and a high flyer like Balkman, the Knicks may finally be able to play some "run-and-gun." If we can find Balkman running fast on the break, look for some easier points. Curry will have to continue to be a monster.

It should be interesting, the first test being tomorrow in Boston. Hopefully it is a good rehearsal/warm up game to adjust to "life without Crawford."

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