Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Alright, so the draft is tomorrow, and I'm sure that anyone that reads this blog realizes that...well wait, no one probably reads this blog anymore haha.

Anyway, I'm sure everyone knows the draft scenarios at this point, but I'm going to put up my Draft Board tonight for the Knicks. Now, these are the players I feel like we have a realistic chance of grabbing at the #23 spot. Let me start by saying I am NOT putting Sean Williams on my board because I don't even think we should bother with that waste of life. Odds are Isiah drafts him if he's there, and there's a chance he can produce...but I'm not even putting that joker on my board due to his off the court issues. So here we go, my draft board:

Marco Belinelli - SG - Italy: I love this kid. Check out some of his YouTube vids, you'll love him too. You'll see the trend that is developing for me with my next few picks, but I think we need to grab a shooting SG that has a high basketball IQ. His stock has been rising, so he might not even be there for us.

Daequan Cook - SG - Ohio St. : Taking a risk here. An immense talent that probably left OSU because Oden and Conley are taking off. Definitely won't do anything right away, but could pay off big time down the road.

Wilson Chandler - SF - DePaul: Could end up filling in the SG position...intriguing talent for sure. Still very young, and has a huge upside. His stock has risen big time over the past week. I'm just not sure if we need another athletic/rebounding forward on this team a la Lee/Balkman. I think this is the man we will end up taking though, as reports have said Isiah is basically in love with the dude.

Morris Almond - SG - Rice: For the last couple months this seemed like the no brainer for the Knicks. Lights out shooter, really reminds me of a young Allan Houston. Seems like the shooter we need, but his stock has dropped big time lately. I would still be satisfied with Almond...he may just be the missing piece.

Kobe Bryant - SG - LA Lakers: Oh wait...Who could happen, and if it does, who cares about the draft. But if the Knicks pick up one free agent this year it'll probably be Rashard Lewis, albeit giving him way too much money.

Hey, the draft should be interesting. I bet Isiah takes Sean Williams, even though we definitely don't need another forward, especially with all the other talent on the board, and considering the man is a criminal. WE NEED A SHOOTER!!!!

Anyway, first post in a while. But GOOD NEWS --- After the draft tomorrow...the offseason will be in official full swing, and there will be more posts - probably a few a week. ALSO, I'm adding two new members to the staff this coming season, but you won't see them till the fall (unless they get ambitious, ahem...guys...) until then...welcome back and...


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