Thursday, February 22, 2007

2/22 - Trade Day Continues

It's a little after 1pm here on the east coast, and so far we have had two deals in the NBA:

The Hawks have acquired Anthony Johnson from the Mavs for a second round pick

And Portland has acquired Fred Jones from Toronto for Juan Dixon

So as you can see, no blockbusters yet. The Vince Carter to New York rumors are still flying around today, but it's likely nothing big will go down there. However, a new rumor of Channing Frye going to the Lakers for Lamar Odom has come up. The Lakers are desperate to get Jason Kidd, and would use Frye in a deal to obtain him. I'm not sure how serious this is, because if NJ wants Frye, why wouldn't they just deal with us straight up? BRING US CARTER!!!

I'm going out to take care of some errands, I should be back right around the deadline. Keep in mind some deals don't make their way out until around 4pm due to official business done right at 3pm. Be back with more.

Another thing to note: Isiah Thomas is scheduled to appear on Stephen A. Smith's radio show around 1:30pm, so obviously he is not working the phones too hard. Looks like this almost kills a chance of a deal somewhere.

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