Tuesday, February 27, 2007

2/27 - Knicks need to string some together

Well, since my last post the Knicks lost to the Nets in a game where they were winning at the half (depressing), and they beat the Heat last night in what was an all around good victory. With Boston and Golden State coming up, it's time to buckle down and win a few in a row here.

How 'bout Starbury last night? Hitting big threes and refusing to lose? Looks like the Marbury of old may be back. As I wrote in a previous article here, he has to start realizing that this team is his last chance to write his legacy. I'm sure all the attention on David Lee has affected Steph's ego a little bit. It was only a matter of time before the opportunity arose for him to take over a game. Who knew it would result in 18 4th quarter points.

Jared Jeffries has been more active as of late. It started in the Nets game, where his defensive effort kept the Knicks in the game late, but it was over at that point. I think he has finally realized his role on this team. Eddy Curry is busting right through the ceiling that some people have given him as a player. His rebounding and defense have improved, and he is really becoming an all around great center.

Sidenote: regardless of the Celtics game tomorrow, February 2007 will be the New York Knicks first winning month since December 2004.

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