Monday, February 19, 2007

2/19 - All Star Break Ramblings

I wish I could start this off like plenty of other sports journalists on the web and in the papers by saying, "Let me tell you about my weekend in Las Vegas." Unfortunately, I wasn't invited to All-Star weekend, I was forced to witness the festivities from my living room. Although this weekend's events themselves missed out on a little bit of punch, I have to say that Vegas looked like a great time. As a matter of fact, would anyone be opposed to having the game there EVERY year?

It was great to see studios set up in from of casino fountains, and have live look ins to celebrity parties (by celebrities I mean TNT and occasional Knicks commentator, pompous ass Kenny "The Jet" Smith). I could have done without the Wayne Newton montage that started off the game though.

The weekend started off with a bang. New York's own David Lee scored the MVP of the Rookie/Sophmore game with 31 pts. and 11 rebs. I was talking with my brother on the phone who brought up an interesting point that went something like this: "Gee Chris, Chris Paul is making David Lee look like a beast. Stephon Marbury should take a page out of his book and figure out how to get Lee the ball more often."

Yeah, that sounds great and all, but guess what...everyone seems to forget about a little thing called defense for these three days every year. If you're the Knicks, you may forget about that pesky "D" word for an additional few days throughout the season as well. Regardless, D-Lee put on a spectacular show, he obviously went to Vegas to showcase his talents a bit.

The dunk contest was basically terrible this year. Nate Robinson got robbed of his crown by that Celtics scrub Gerald Green. I will say, Green's dunk from Paul Pierce off the side of the backboard was out of control, but his second round dunks really sucked. When he jumped over that kitchen counter or whatever that ridiculous box was on the court, I wasn't impressed. What a stupid prop to throw in for a dunk. Nate's first dunk was the best of the night I thought. He got it on the first try and he got UP! Too bad he had another "My legs are tired so this dunk will take 15 trys" dunk as his last, or else I thought he could have defended the title. Oh well Nate, you now have a full year to devote to strictly training for the dunk contest, because I'm sure you won't use that time for...oh, let's say...attempting to practice hard, become a true point guard, and contributing to the New York Knicks.

There's not much I can really say about the All-Star game itself. To be honest I didn't even watch the whole thing because it was a blowout early. I did love how Shaq missed about 3 EASY dunks in the first five minutes. I would have been interested to see how Eddy Curry matched up against him in an All-Star scenario. After help defense would be sliding over, E-City could go to town on that old man.

The Knicks play tomorrow (Tuesday) night at the Garden against the Orlando Magic. We can only hope that Dwight Howard is tired from this weekend in Vegas (oh wait, he is super religious and doesn't party...crap). Regardless, I'm sure D-Lee and Nate will come back a bit rejuvinated and ready to help boost this team into the second half. It would be nice if they could build on some momentum early, as we see ORL, PHI, and MIL before the weekend. Running off three wins and going to 26-30 would be nice.

I'm going to put up some daily links right now, and I'll be back tomorrow, either before or after the game.

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