Wednesday, March 7, 2007

3/7 - A few late tidbits of info:

Over at Knick Knacks tonight, Mike Dougherty has some thoughts and observations going into Saturday's game. You can click the link to read the whole post, but among other things he says:
  • The Knicks paired off in the beginning of practice today to work on free throw shooting. The players have come up with a game to go along with it, similar to golf. I hope this isn't a similar tactic to Isiah's slam dunk contest he has in practice sometimes. It will be a waste of time if the players don't take it seriously.
  • Looks like David Lee might miss ANOTHER game! He left practice early today as well.
  • Nate Robinson has returned to the team after the passing of his stomach ailment. He is noticeably lighter and looking to get his diet back on track. No word on whether or not he'll be ready for the Wizards.
  • Stephon Marbury would really enjoy some help from his teammates, as he admits he is feeling a bit tired from carrying the offensive load.

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