Friday, February 23, 2007

2/23 - Friday's Links

Here's an awesome highlight video urging a playoff push. It includes highlights from all the best games of the season, plus David Lee and Nate Robinson's All-Star weekend. (hopefully it doesn't get taken down):


v. said...

Three thoughts on tonight...

Eddie 4 for 4 from the field totaling 10 points? Sure he was continually double and triple teamed but there's no reason Curry should have been kept to four shots.

I don't think Renaldo Balkman sat down during the last five minutes of the game. Great to see his energy... But I do think he's a better player than a cheerleader and needs to be on the floor more than 6 minutes a game.

Mo Williams needs to shave his back.

Chris said...

v- I agree with all of your points. The Bucks were playing good ball denail on Curry, probably the best i've seen this year, cudos to them. Balkman didn't have the best game, but yes, his D and his energy are great, and with more playing time he will only get better. Thanks for supporting the site.