Monday, March 12, 2007

3/12 - The Isiah Era Will Continue

Various New York papers have reported this morning that James Dolan has given Isiah Thomas a multi-year extension to continue his stay as the Knicks coach and general manager. Dolan feels that the team has made enough progress to live up to his preseason ultimatum, and the Isiah Era will continue.

I feel that this is a good decision. Sure, Isiah has done some things to make Knicks fans cringe, but the team has made progress from last season. There is still a long way to go before I say he has done a good job, however. With the Knicks in the hunt for the playoffs, this decision should have been made after the season was over, especially with the Eastern Conference being as weak as it is.

In the same respect, there really are no other options. All the players on the team love and respect Thomas, and it is unknown what their reaction would be if he was not around next season. We all saw how Stephon Marbury reacted to Larry Brown's reign, who knows how he would deal with a new coach. Eddy Curry already stated that he would want to leave the team if Isiah was not back next year. I can't see any coach stepping in at this point and earning the team's respect. Isiah has built this team to what it is, and he will surely manage the situation until the final whistle.

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