Tuesday, February 20, 2007

2/20 - The next 48 hours

With Thursday's 3pm Trade Deadline rapidly approaching, many are wondering if Isiah Thomas will pull the trigger on a deal. So called "inside information" floating around the web states that Isiah is not picking up the phone, just waiting for it to ring.

The way I see it, waiting for the phone to ring might not be such a bad thing. There have been some players on the Knicks that have not been utilized much this season, and a few other teams may find a role for him on their bench. Here's a look at some plausable scenarios that could occur in the next couple days:

- The hot rumor of the week, a deal with Seattle. "Reports" say the Knicks are looking to move Channing Frye and Seattle native Nate Robinson to the Sonics for Rashard Lewis. A few things are suspicious about this rumor. For one, both sides deny that a phone call has even been made. Another interesting note is that Seattle would be foolish to give up such an immense talent. We'll see what happens, but maybe a deal could be done instead to bring in Ray Allen instead, a New York favorite.

- Steve Francis and the Cavaliers. The Cavs are desperate to gain some help for LeBron to transform a playoff appearance into a playoff run. Francis would be just the type of veteran leader they could use, but it would probably cost them Drew Gooden, one of their top rebounders, and maybe Eric Snow.

- Malik Rose and just about everyone. It's been no secret that Rose has been fairly unhappy with his time in New York. He is the consummate professional, and would never admit this to the media, but the truth is he would rather play a bigger role on a team that has a chance at the playoffs. Bringing in another player could make him happy, but the Knicks don't care if he is happy. Pretty much every contending team has been rumored to seek his services, the latest being his old team, the San Antonio Spurs. Most of these rumors are just talk, however, as it has been unclear what San Antonio could offer in return.

One thing worth nothing is how these "trade rumors" come about. As I have scoured the internet for basketball news, I have read articles by major newspapers in many NBA cities. Most of these trade proposals start with a journalist writing, "Maybe the Knicks could look to move (insert Knick player here) to (insert NBA team here) for (insert player here), that would really help the Knicks make the playoffs." This system was followed to a tee in one of the articles I linked to yesterday when fabricating the rumor of the Rashard Lewis trade.

The truth is, no one really knows what is going to happen, unless a GM comes out and specifically targets a player. The Steve Francis trade came out of nowhere last year, maybe a similar one could occur this year.

Back later...maybe after tonight's game: MAGIC @ KNICKS, 7:30

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