Thursday, February 22, 2007


Yes, it's like Christmas for some of us basketball fans. Every year the trade deadline rolls around, we expect a blockbuster deal to change the landscape of the NBA. Last year, the Steve Francis deal happened the day before, and the only deal to go down on deadline day was a swap that involved Earl Watson.

Here's hoping something big happens today. It seems like a name somes out of nowhere involving the Knicks every year, like Kevin Garnett last year. This year it's Vince Carter. Rumor has it a couple GM's around the league reported talks between the Nets and Knicks. The only problem is that every team wants David Lee, and Isiah doesn't want to part with him.

I'll keep it short for now. It's about 10am here right now, I'll be back if anything happens in the next 5 hours. I have to write a paper today, so I'll be at the computer all day anyway.

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