Thursday, February 15, 2007

2/14/07 - Playoff Push?

I know it's been a while since I put something up here. I was busy working over winter break, and I'm just now getting settled into my school schedule (as a matter of fact, this post is therapy away from a long day of studying today). BUT, I'm back now. Over time time I've been away, the Knicks have been playing slightly better ball, and slowly climbing the ladder, even of going back down a couple rungs every few games. Now that the All-Star break is coming this weekend, it's time to get serious. The Knicks face the Golden State Warriors tonight, looking to go into the break at 24-29, a confidence boost that might help make a serious run towards the playoffs for those bottom two spots.

The entire team is healthy now, for actually the first time ALL SEASON.
Steve Francis seems to be silencing his critics as he tries to slowly ease into his old ways....Eddy Curry. Enough Said...

Jamal Crawford is spotty.....Marbury surprises you at times, bringing back memories of his Brooklyn style ball.
Basically, it's the same rollercoaster we've been used to all season. However, there has been a slightly better effort on the defensive end (there's still a long way to go) and Marbury is beginning to learn that Eddy Curry is the only chance to spark a career revival. I love Steph as much as the next guy, but he's losing a step. His ability to take over a game is gone, and he knows that. It is time for him to get his teammates involved, and just run the offense. This is a role he is slowly coming to accept.

To compensate for his offensive shortcomings, Marbury has upped his effort on defense. Last night against the Lakers, Marbury did an outstanding job in key moments of the game, playing ball denial on both Lamar Odom and Kobe Bryant on separate occasions. Of course Kobe got his points, but he never took over the game. He didn't even get a chance to take the last shot.

The Knicks should look at TONIGHT'S GAME as a MUST WIN. the momentum of winning 4 of your last 5 before the break would really carry over to the second half. Maybe this team has finally found his identity, even if it took team owner James Dolan telling the team Isiah Thomas' job was safe. At this point, he might be the only man to lead the way. He dug the hole, he might as well help build the ladder to climb out.

Back soon...

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