Sunday, March 4, 2007

3/4 - Wait, they won a back-to-back?

How amazing is Stephon Marbury? I didn't get a chance to watch the Knicks down the Atlanta Hawks last night since I was working, but I caught the highlights. It is so inspiring how he is carrying this team on his back right now. The guy just refuses to lose, I think he's getting tired of it. His points keep going up, and every time I think he's going to slow down, he pushes himself even further. I am completely baffled over how he is shooting lights out from three point range as well.

When we, as fans, looks back at this season in a few years, regardless of wins and losses, we will be able to pinpoint it as the season Starbury grew up. For most of the season, he sat in the back seat and let Eddy Curry take the wheel. Instead of being selfish, it was his goal to push him every night, force him to play to his ability. All the while, he went around telling anyone that would listen that Curry deserved to be an All-Star. He realized that the only way this team was going to ge successful was to feed the big man the ball.

The results were mixed. Curry was having a phenominal season (and this blogger will tell you that yes, it was deserving of an All-Star appearance), but the Knicks were missing that extra piece. A player who you could count on night in and night out. A player kind of like...oh wait...Stephon Marbury was still on this team! When Jamal Crawford went down, it was his time to shine. Crawford was always there to take the big shot, and Marbury never complained that Isiah wasn't calling on him to take it. With JC out for the season, Steph has answered the call.

He keeps draining big threes and cutting to the basket like he's 25 again. (He just turned 30). All of the sudden, the Knicks are one game out of the #8 spot currently being occupied by those pesky New Jersey Swamp Rats, and the roller coaster ride that is this season continues.

I feel like I've posted 5 "The Season is Over" posts and another 5 "Knicks poised for Playoffs" type posts. I also feel like the Knicks (at 28-33) have been five games under .500 all season. At this point we should be accepting nothing less than winning 2 out of every 3 games and hoping the Nets, Heat, or Pacers fall down. So here's a look at the next 4 games:

This Tuesday, vs. Sonics in the Garden:
Another one of those "They'd better win this if they're serious about the playoffs" games. But we all saw what happened to the earlier ones against Philly and Boston. All I can say is, they'd better get this one. Ray Allen is always dangerous in the Garden, watch out.

This Saturday, @ Washington Wizards:
Not good. The Wizards are one of the top teams in the East, it will be a tough game to pull out. I'm predicting loss here.

NEXT Wednesday the 14th @ Toronto Raptors:
Double Ouch. The surprise Atlantic Divison leaders have been playing well under the radar all year. It would turn some heads if the Knicks could take them down. For some reason I feel good about this game. I'm going win, but don't ask me why...

NEXT Friday the 16th, vs. Hornets in the Garden:
Solid Western Conference team. I'm gonna be a homer though and say win because the Knicks have been lights out in the Garden lately.

So if the Knicks can go 3-1 over this stretch, we're looking at 31-34. It may seem like a lot to ask, but this team is going to get David Lee and Nate Robinson back. No excuses this time. By the way, if Steve Francis can play like he did last night, that would probably help.

Sometimes we forget we have an All-Star like Stevie coming off the bench. Maybe he can finally get his ass in gear and contribute something to this team, because so far his career as a Knick has been pathetic. If the guy can find any ounce of pride in his 6'3, 210 lb. body, maybe we might actually have a shot here.

Fact of the day: First time Stephon Marbury and Steve Francis have both scored 20+ in the same game since being with the Knicks. That's a full year folks.

See you after the game on Tuesday to weite my next "Season is Over" article. Just Kidding.
I'll be back tomorrow with some links. Sorry about the slow weekend again. I'm still looking for some help if anyone is interested.

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