Thursday, February 22, 2007

2/22 - Most Boring Deadline Ever

Well, it's a little after 3pm, and although some deals take some time to make their way out, it appears that this has been the most boring NBA trade deadline ever. With big names like Vince Carter, Jason Kidd, Mike Bibby, Ron Artest, and Lamar Odom floating around, not one team could make a blockbuster deal. I guess we have to keep in mind the Iverson deal that happened earlier this season, one of the bigger mid-season deals the NBA has seen. Still, for all the hype, especially the Kidd to LA hype, what a disappointment.

I'm even more disappointed that Isiah Thomas didn't do anything. I originally wanted him to keep the team intact, but after some of these big names made their way out, I wanted him to pull the trigger. Vince Carter was out there, and Isiah didn't make a play. While he was on Stephen A. Smith's show, you could clearly hear his phone ringing off the hook in the background. I hope that his obsession with Jamal Crawford was not a reason that deal wasn't made. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume the Nets wanted David Lee.

I'm more surprised that Jason Kidd isn't a Laker. LA was reportedly offering players, cash, and TWO FIRST ROUND PICKS. Why GM Rod Thorn would disagree to that is beyond me. Kidd is old, and getting a return like that would really go a long way in rebuilding a team.

So now what? Isiah has built this entire team himself and has been forced to coach them. There wasn't even an indication that he was accepting offers at the deadline. This team isn't winning now, and I don't see them winning in the future without a couple more pieces. So why hold on to a guy like Channing Frye, who serves no purpose on this team and doesn't even fit into the offense? Remember last year when reports said we could have included Frye in a deal for Lamar Odom or Kevin Garnett? Remember that Isiah and many of us fans shot it down and said Frye's upside was too high? That makes me laugh my ass off now. The guy has actually REGRESSED as a player, it's pathetic. He is so soft it is unbelievable.

Last night Frye had a chance to make an impact, filling in for David Lee, who was out with the flu. How does he respond? 20 mins, 4 pts, 4 rebs. Horrendous. I thought for sure we'd drop his ass today, he is completely useless. It makes me sick how high his value was at this time last year, and we didn't do anything.

There's only one solution that explains all of this. Owner James Dolan must realize there is nothing else to do right now except let contracts expire, draft young players, and wait for big time free agents. Today really cleared this up in my head. As angry as I am that the Knicks didn't make a splash, I see the logic. Isiah is here to stay, Dolan wants him here to see us through this mess. He has a chance to dig himself out, especially since the last three years have been one big mistake. It's like the team is starting over again. It just kills me that so many years have already been wasted, and next season is probably a bust as well.

Right now it's all about waiting I guess. One some salary is freed up, New York will be able to attract big time free agents to come to the Garden again. For now the fans need to deal with this below average squad full of underachievers, who will fight the rest of the season to get that 8 spot, probably only to stumble, fall short, and get a pat on the back from Isiah: "At least you tried, we'll get em next time."

I'm gonna go puke.

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