Wednesday, February 21, 2007

2/21 - So Far So Good...

After taking down the Magic last night in a sloppy game, the Knicks are one step closer to getting serious about this season. (24-30) Like I said earlier, three wins to start off this half would be a great boost. On another note, with 28 games remaining, the Knicks have now officially won more games than all of last season.

I read an article yesterday that quoted Isiah saying there is a "zero percent" chance of a trade happening in the next 2 days. Of course, this could all be some strategy to curb the media, but at this point it may seem legit. Isiah would like to prove that he can win with the same team Larry Brown had last year. When the whole team is healthy, as they are now, we have seen what they can do. At this point, a trade might only happen to dump a big contract, like Jeffries or James.

Speaking of trades, this Jason Kidd to the Lakers business could really benefit the Knicks. While we are looking up at the Nets from the 10th spot, it would be nice to have them eliminated by trading their floor general. They will be nothing without Kidd. Marcus Williams isn't ready, and even if they get Andrew Bynum in return, he's too young still to dominate. They may be deciding to look to the future, but their future still won't be as good without Kidd. Thank You in advance, Jersey.

Channing Frye really came through in the last minutes of the game last night. If the Knicks want to make this happen, he is one man that needs to be on his game. At first, I wanted to trade Channing. He seems to be the most tempting piece, and he really hasn't shown me any extreme improvement since last season. With the emergence of David Lee, Frye seems expendable. Now I am reconsidering a bit. With the talk of a trade, Frye seems to be playing a bit more agressive, putting in extra effort for rebounds and trying to do some damage in the low post as well. I really wish it was someone's job on the team to punch him in the face before every game, because he needs something to fire him up. I still think the kid has no drive, someone needs to light a fire under his ass.

Well, tonight's game is the second game of a back to back, which usually spells doom to this team. The one thing you can't forget is that it's against the Sixers. I won't deny Philly has talent, and Andre Miller has done a superb job running the floor with what he's been given. However, this is the type of team you HAVE to beat if you are serious about making a run. I still won't forget the fact that last year's atrocious Knicks somehow ran off a six game win streak. Anything's possible.

I've been getting excited about games again, and I'm already pumped for tonight. Hopefully this team won't let me down. I'll be back later today with some links.

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v. said...

Good point about Isiah winning with the same team Larry Brown couldn't do shit with... I just saw the quote during the game and it seemed sincere. Keep the young team together and work from the inside out rather than the outside in.

By the way, check out this artice from AOL Sports. It looks like Jason Whitlock has it out for David Stern.