Wednesday, March 21, 2007

3/21 - No Big Surprise / Wed.'s Links

Well, no shocker last night as the Knicks fell to the Mavs. Bad play all around I thought. Curry's decent numbers don't reflect his terrible free throw shooting, and the whining he did up and down the court all night. Balkman had a decent game to follow up his stellar play on Sunday, but still showed Knick fans he has a lot to learn before he will become a legit player. Steve Francis was nowhere to be seen again, besides his bad passes and bad shots as usual.

If Crawford and Q are out, and Marbury is not shooting out of his mind, this team is going to fail. There isn't one shooter present on the court (okay, maybe Frye) who can knock down jumpers to stretch the defense. Why do you think Curry was harassed all night in the paint? The Mavs were playing off the perimeter and GIVING those shots to the Knicks. Look how many times Balkman had open shots...that's a smart team knowing who can and can't shoot. The Knicks have one of their infamous back-to-backs starting tomorrow with the Thurs/Fri matchups being the Blazers and the Cavs. I'm starting to get nervous. Can we say that this Blazers game is the 15th must win of the season so far? haha...

I need to study for a test tomorrow, so here's some links:


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